You have an idea or concept you would like to realize, but you are lacking the contacts or the money to do so?
Then you might apply for our support, by sending in a brief but accurate description of your project, the best might be supported and sponsored by the Levin Statzer Foundation.
Send your application to:
Some of the projects we had the honour to help realise:
shirts 2017_2
Foundation Shirts 2017, Artist Mathias Seemann
Für Immer_2017-11-11 16.00.06
Exhibition „Für Immer“ at Gallery „Die Schöne“, 1160 Kuffnergasse 7, November 2017
Cooperation with „Kulturen in Bewegung“, Workshops during the event „ReumannBlast“, September 2017

OFFLINE Magazine, 2016
Foundation Shirts 2016, Artist: Floyd
GO ON, the Graffiti Mag, 2016

Foundation Shirts 2015, Artist: Phonr

Exhibition: Artist: Paul BUSK „look at me now“

Offline Magazin, ‚2015 Edition‘

Cargo Cult, Book 2015

Offline Magazine, ‚2014 Edition‘

Support for „Pay my Lawyer Exhibition“ @ Celeste, Wien, 2014

Wingsforlifeworldrun @ Hangar 7, Salzburg, 2013

Offline magazine ’second edition‘ 2013

paint-action at „6 Rounds with Warhol and Basquiat“
In Cooperation with BA Kunstforum and Music & Poetry Basket
Artist: Mathias Seemann 2013

Artists: Nychos&Shue, MYB-Crew 2013
Artist: Busk, June 2012
Artist: Baume/Kryot, June 2012

Lazerfun Hall in Klosterneuburg,
Artists: MIB-Crew, April 2012
T-Shirts, Edition 2011
Private home in Suhr/CH,
by MASON, June 2011
Linguistic book, polish,
June 2011
linguistic book, polish,
June 2011,
Cover by BUSK/CMOD
IZZIE , CD – Release Party 2011
Comissioned work, 1020 Vienna, 2010

Message Jam 3, Auction 2010

Private home in Waldviertel,
Jaye 2010

Workshop: American International School,
1190 Vienna, 2010

Workshop: Schlossgymnasium,
73230 Kirchheim u. Teck. DE, 2010

Go on, Graffiti Mag,2010

Workshop: Gymnasium 1110 Wien,
Geringergasse; 2010

T-shirts, Edition 2009

Pagro Store 1030 Vienna, Franzosengraben
done by Keramik 2009

Message HipHop Jam, Auction 2009

Double Issue Release Exhibition 2009

Go on, Graffiti Mag,2009

2008 foundation award
to the Soul Asphalt Crew

Levin Jam 2008, Freecards

T-shirts, Edition 2008

Go on, Graffiti Mag,2007

Viennese Graffiti Calendar 2007

the final issue
of Vienna’s finest Graffiti Mag
„Servus Wien“ No. 5, 2006

Freecards (2005/2006) in connection
to an exhibition at the MOYA